Maritime Information Fusion Centre (IFC) is an integral aspect of maritime domain awareness that focuses on collecting, analyzing and sharing numerous maritime related information for the decision-making proceses dealing with maritime security and environmental issues. As a maritime nation, Sri Lanka comprises a 1340 km coastline with 510,000 km2 Exclusive Economic Zone and a 1,778,060 km2 Search and Rescue Region which is about 27 times of landmass. Meantime more than 60,000 ships annually passes through the southern tip of Sri Lanka to east and west of the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean Region faces non-traditional maritime safety and security challenges as well. Therefore, Sri Lanka needs to ensure the maritime domain of the country is free from illegal activities and safety of the seafarers.

Having understood the necessity of an IFC to monitor the maritime activities of IOR, the IFC Colombo was established at the Navy Headquarters premises. IFC Colombo facilitates cooperation collaboration and sharing of maritime information between local and international stakeholders to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness. IFC Colombo has been standing at the forefront of providing actionable information to regional navies, coast guards and state maritime agencies other than the local counterparts. Besides, IFC Colombo provides information on maritime threats, hazards and incidents around the EEZ including information on Drugs smuggling, Human smuggling, IUU fishing, Poaching as well. Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre which is manned at SLN headquarters under Director Naval Operation to assist the vessels in distress by all possible means and sharing of information with the stakeholders will enhance the knowledge of the incidents within the region while saving lives at sea.

IFC team regularly collects information, conducts surveillance and analyzes relevant data 24x7 using various available facilities and tools to enhance maritime safety and security around the area of interest. Further, IFC Colombo intends to extend more facilities and maritime information with its local and international counterparts in the future.